Aquafit Physical Therapy

Aquafit Physical Therapy was founded in 2009. We are located in the Piney Orchard Marketplace in Odenton. Aquafit Physical Therapy was founded by Charlie Black, PT and Ralph Truitt, PT. Combined they have over 46 years of clinical experience; over 18 years in the Gambrills/Odenton area.

Our clinic is a 3600 sq ft facility outfitted with a full complement of current physical therapy related equipment. Four private treatment rooms and additional treatment tables create ample space for patient care. A therapeutically heated pool; over 450 sq ft, and its two changing rooms encompass nearly 1/3 of the clinic size. The combination of Aquatic Therapy with dry land treatments in the same facility allows for greater rehabilitation potential. The clinic location offers simple convenience in and out with amenities including Handicap parking directly in front of the clinic, a Handicap ramp and an overhead canopy shielding patients during inclement weather days.